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Terms & Conditions ​

The terms and conditions are applied to all bookings made at the Party Organising Professionals between us as the company and the client/hirer/company/venue booking our equipment. The hirer (“You”) have read and understood all questions and information regarding the use and hire of equipment supplied by the Party Organising Professionals. The client/hirer/company/venue acknowledges that you as the hirer have receive adequate instruction on the correct use of the equipment, which includes demonstration or verbal or written instructions.

All bookings are only confirmed once deposit has been received and all the correct booking information has been completed. A confirmation email will then be sent. Deposits are to be paid by bank transfer in the Party Organising Professionals company account. All Deposits are non-returnable once made. 

If the client/hirer/company/venue decides to cancel a booking, you will have up to two months in advance of the booking date. However, the deposit, or advance payment will be forfeited. If there are restrictions on delievery and set up and we are unable to get our high top vans into unload then the booking will be cancelled and payment forfeited. 

The client/hirer/company/venue allows The Party Organising Professionals to observe any damages to equipment used after your event. ‘Equipment” includes any item hired from us Flower Walls, Light up Letters, Dancefloor, Backdrops, Chair covers and Sashes, Centrepieces, Magic Mirror and Vanity RIng Mirror Photobooth, props and custom decoration. If any of the equipment is damaged The client/hirer/company/venue agrees to pay in full the replacement costof the product. Any delay in receiving the replacement cost and forcoming bookings are effected, The client/hirer/company/venue will be held responsible to pay for lose of earnings until the product has been replaced.

The Party Organising Professionals or any representative thereof, may restrict or prohibit use of the equipment during the period of hire, if they determine in their absolute discretion that the equipment is being misused, used in a dangerous manner, used in a manner that may damage the equipment or otherwise not used in accordance with Party Organising Professionals’ instructions.

It is recommended that you take out your own insurance from the time of delivery to the time of collection. The hirer assumes all responsibility once items are in their possession. PLEASE NOTE Installation and set up is NOT included in our basic hire prices. The photos taken is copyright to the Party Organising Professonals.
All equipent is for indoor use only, unless agreed in writing by The Party Organising Professionals the equipment can be used outside. If you require equipment to be lefta t the venue for collection the following day, equipment must be locked away over night.  If stored in a locked marquee, please ensure they are away from the sides to avoid water damage in the event of heavy rain.

The remaining balance needs to be paid in full prior to any event or if agreed by the Party Organising Professionals on  he morning of the event. The equipment will not be set up without full payment. 

It is the client/hirer/company/venue responsibility to ensure they request a copy of the Party Organising Professionals Public Liability document if the venue requires such documents prior to the event and delivery of the equipment. On the day requests will be subject to additional admin fees.

The Party Organising Professionals are not responsible for any damage or injury to persons or property caused by the items hired howsoever caused. All Clients and Suppliers are responsible for their own event insurance. All Clients are responsible for the hire of equipment and the welfare of their clients and the guest. The client will be liable to pay for any damage, financial loss due to theft.

It is the responsibility of the client/hirer/company/venue to inform us if there is any load in restrictions at the venue high steps, steep hills, no lift access. Failure to do so may result in the equipment not being installed.

All equipment will be collected at 12am on the evening of each event please ensure your venue is aware of these times and access is granted. Failure to gain access the Client will be charged £50 per hour thereafter until access for pick up, unless prior agreed. The Client must agree a set up time no later than a week prior to your event. We the Company will ensure the technician is on site at this time unless unforeseen circumstances, we will always contact the venue if for any reason the engineer is running late.

In order to protect the dance floor, appropriate dance shoes must be worn at all times in used at all times.
No food or drinks of any kind are permitted on the dance floor. These may only be consumed in the seating areas. Any liquid spillages must be mopped up immediately, as they will cause serious damage if absorbed into the floors. Client is responsible for ensuring your DJ on the evening makes regular announcements to prevent such damage.>
The client/hirer/company/venue are advised not to tamper with the dance floor at any time. If for any reason the dance floor stops performing then the client must contact us immediately. If we find the dance floor has been tampered with then we have the right to remove and the client will be liable for any damaged caused. 

The client/hirer/company/venue must be aware that it is their responsibility prior to booking the dance floors to ensure the size booked will fit your venue. Once at the venue The Party Organising Professionals will only lay a floor size big enough to cater the space provided by the venue. If this area is smaller than the floor size you are contracted to then no refund or monies back will be due to the client.
If the venue refuse the dance floor for any reasons the It is the client/hirer/company/venue no refund will be made.

Under no circumstances should any Client or Venue move or De-Rig any Dance Floors without Company permission. If the Dance floor is for any given reason and damage is caused then the Client will be responsible as to the Venue/ Persons to repair or fully refund the cost of the Dance floor. All Clients have a responsibility to ensure your venue is aware of our terms.
As the floor is electrically controlled there may be times when the circuit is cut this will hinder the lighting control and may cause the Dance floor to stop working. If this incident occurs you must contact our office, you will not be entitled to any monies back however we will endeavor to seek out the problem and restore the floor back to working order within one hour.
Furniture-Tables, Chairs or any form of furniture is totally forbidden on the dance floors. If your dance floor shorts and LED lighting goes off during your event and we have any evidence of furniture being sited on the dance floor you will be liable for damages.
Our engineer will always take photograph evidence of every dance floor once set up in working order. If your dance floor shorts during the event following evidence of fully working order once set up in place you will not be entitled to any form of refund or payment. On investigating the issue for Dance floor shortage if it is evidence any of the above incidents have occurred we the company have the right to charge you a fee to repair any damage.

In the case were the dance floor is required to stay in storage or at a venue over night or longer then it is the responsibility of the client to ensure the dance floor is in a safe secure premises and that the dance floor is fully turned off on the evening of the contracted date. It is the full responsibility of the client for the dance floor whilst at the premises and the client will be fully responsible for the dance floor going missing or and damage that may occur.

The Party Organising Professionals reserves the right to terminate any contract with immediate effect, without any notice, if in the opinion of the company any of the above terms have been breached. The decision of the company with regard to any such breech will be final and not open to challenge.
Light up Letters
The client/hirer/company/venue agrees not to move or touch the light up letters once installed, All photos will be taken of equipment on set up. Additional Light bulbs will be left with the event manager if any of them need replacing. PLEASE NOTE if you wish to change the light bulb its at your own responsibilty and the Party Organising Profesionals can not be held responsible for halm caused to the hirer/event manager/venue if something goes wrong. We advise not changing the light bulbs. ALL LETTERS ARE FOR INDOOR HIRE ONLY.

The Light up Letters are for decorating and can not be used as a place to put things on, ie drink cups, food plates. Any marks or drinks spilt you will be responsible for replacing each letter damaged.

All Equipment supplied to decorate the venue including the following but not limited to Custom decoration/Starlight backdrops/Flower walls/Table skirting/Props. All equipment hired is subject to cleaning costs. In the event of any type of food or drink spilt or staining or equipment, you will be responsible for replacing the equipment at full cost of replacing, as stated above any lose of earning will be billed to you if the item is not replaced by the next booking.  

The client/hirer/company/venue agrees not to move or touch the backdrop. Any props ont he backdrop are secured at the time of intallation, any damage or fallen props the client will be responsible for. 

All props for children and adult parties/events are to be managed by the hirer and supervised. We advise no children to touch or play with props, the hirer is responsible for anyone hurt playing with this equipment.

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